June Meeting – Patient Safety

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Salisbury Plain PBSGL

The June meeting used the Patient Safety – learning from Human Error module.  This was a really useful module as it was less didactic and the members really got into it. The examples from other industries and professions was a good way at analyzing what we do.  The ‘sterile cockpit’ analogy was something we all agreed could be used, for example, simply by shutting down Outlook and re-opening it at lunchtime.  This would allow us to remain undisturbed by e-mails.

Themes discussed during the session invariably led to how unsafe DMICP is especially when it is not accessible.  There were some positives though.  For example, the hospital referral template letter was shared.  The two week wait Macro enters some text plus the READ code to be used (2WW).  We talked about making a Macro for routine referrals as well.  The use of taskers was also discussed and since the meeting…

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  1. aswillman says:

    I think the next stage is to link this blog with my plans for the Salisbury Plain Trainers Group as the two are closely linked

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