Welcome to a new module!

Welcome to all participants on the June 2014 Learning Technologies in Healthcare Education module. This is the official module blog, and will be added to from time to time throughout the week. You will notice that posts from previous modules are also available. Our aim to build on past modules each year and thereby create a rich archive of material.

Participants are encouraged to either create their own blog or contribute to this one. We will give you more details during the introduction session on the first day of the module, 23rd June 2014.


About David Davies

I am an academic, occasional blogger, always interested in technology to enhance learning. All views expressed are my own.
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2 Responses to Welcome to a new module!

  1. Well a very interesting few days and one which has been a steep learning curve. I have learnt an awful lot.

    Yesterday and today have been all about learning the technical tools for running a blog and getting the information on that blog disseminated. WordPress really is a very useful tool and very easy to manipulate but my main learning point from today has been the theme is all important. I have also done some literature searches and pulled up some articles which I now need to read & critically appraise.

    Areas I need to develop now are some articles for the feed (maybe 2 hot topics for tomorrow). Additionally, I am typing on my iPad in the bar (Lionel Messi has just scored a free kick) now & the mobile WordPress app whilst very good, has some areas that do not translate well eg Twitter feed.

    I have put a link to an article in my blog under the Hot Topic social media & learning which I would invite you all to view.

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