Screencasting Tools

Here is the link to the GoView screencasting  (video capturing your computer screen) tool.  The video I used to demonstrate Flickr was created using GoView.

The demo video on the GoView website demonstrates how to use the software. Once you have recorded your screencast it’s automatically uploaded to the GoView website and you can then download it from any computer by accessing your (free) account on the GoView website.  As Jamie demonstrated, you can edit your recordings to remove any unwanted sections and add titles. Editing is very straightforward and doesn’t need any technical know how.

I found GoView very easy to use and I particularly liked the ‘pause recording’ function. However GoView only works on computers running windows. Also a potential disadvantage is that you have to record the computer’s full screen, so you can’t focus on a particular part of the screen.

ScreenR is an alternative that works on both Window and Mac computer

ScreenR is also very easy to use and you don’t need to download any software. It has the advantage that you can record a section of the screen rather than recording your full screen. However you are limited to a 5 minute recording and it doesn’t have any editing features.

This post by Jamie Woodward in his “Tech Pulse of Higher Education’ blog describes how Screencasting is being used in Higher Education and also illustrates how a screencast can be created using another free tool Jing.


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